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If you’re looking for the perfect address to start your property investment journey or expand your existing portfolio, there are plenty of great areas across North Sydney. However, certain areas of Sydney are known for flooding. In fact, in February and March of 2022, many areas were devastated by flooding because of severe rain. 

Potential Hotspots

There have been several flood events in recent years which means that a variety of addresses could be in danger. In addition to those properties near bodies of water, existing underlying damage could present a risk after heavy rainfall events. 

If a property has structural issues now, the weather could result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. There are three neighbourhoods, in particular, that are at greater risk. If you plan on investing in these areas, it's worth being proactive about potential plumbing issues.

Melrose Park

Melrose Park is a high-risk flood zone – and Cobham Avenue is the most likely to be affected. Numbers 79 and 81 are situated along the creek line at the rear, which means floodwater can easily enter the properties. If you are thinking about buying in Melrose Park, speak to a plumber about the property first. 


Morrison Road is another risky investment, with properties at the intersection of Gregory Street the most vulnerable to flooding. Princes Street and Waterview Street are also susceptible. Property owners on these streets in Putney require a plumber on speed dial. 

West Ryde

Investing in West Ryde property must be carefully considered as several addresses run the risk of flooding during severe rain. 

The town centre has been a troublesome spot for years. The conditions of the stormwater tunnel have improved; however, Graft Avenue remains a flood risk for residential and commercial properties. 

Gaza Road presents a unique flooding issue because the most likely occurrence is to the rear, which then slips into Station Street, Mons Avenue and Federal Road. 

Several properties near Wattle Street on Falconer Street are vulnerable to flooding. This is due to the overland flow path located at the rear of both streets. While 57-59 run the greatest risk, the entire street prevents floodwaters from flowing away.

Rhodes Street and Mulvihill Road are on the main floodway and many properties on these streets are susceptible to flooding. Victoria Road properties are exposed to flood risk and potential plumbing issues for six blocks, near Gardens Lane right through to Deakin Street. 

If you do invest in West Ryde, invest in a reliable plumbing team. 

Final Thoughts

While North Sydney offers many lucrative investment opportunities, flood events in recent years have highlighted the importance of being proactive in addressing potential plumbing issues in these high-risk neighbourhoods. By staying informed and seeking the right advice, investors can make better choices to protect investments from these challenges.


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