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Leica Geosystems expands portfolio further via machine guidance software for enhancing mini excavator performance whilst Komatsu sets up hands-on store for the PC01E-1 in Japan

An extended business component of Hexagon, Leica Geosystems, announced that they have effectively started launching the latest Leica iCON site excavator. The system revolves around the control factor through a guidance system that increases the accuracy of compact excavator performance.

The fact that mini excavators or compact excavators are generally used to perform task at environments that have very limited space, it becomes imperative that these machine perform optimally in order to ensure project success.

Leica examined this issue closely and came up with the perfect machine control solution that enhances the accuracy of these machines when they are required to trench, grade or move materials about on a much smaller scale.

The iCON site system for mini excavators offers task oriented solutions via three new components composed of software, a dual GNSS receiver and a communication device that is optional. The iCON site excavator system is capable of performing as a stand-alone unit or optionally it may be added unto existing iCON site platforms. It is optimised greatly when added on to existing systems as it allows workflow structures for both on and off machine tasks which will empower project crews to perform numerous tasks using the same tools.

Operators are now able to scan surfaces using the Smart Antenna control unit and establish a design after which he or she is able to mount and commence the grading or trenching according to the pre conceived design. After this is completed the will use the system again to examine the work, check the machine status or immediately move to the next work design seamlessly.

The iCON unique platform ensures resources are used efficiently and this includes personnel deployment. According to the president of Leica Geosystems Magnus Thibbin, with this system, compact and medium range excavators become more versatile and these machines would be able to contribute much more than do now even for large projects.  In essence, it’s a step forward towards achieving total machine autonomy.

Komatsu’s Hands on Store for PC01E-1

Other developments that are notable includes Komatsu hands-on store for the astonishing electric micro excavator the PC01E-1 in Japan. The leading industry manufacturer of a range of heavy equipment announced that the showcase held for their electric micro-excavator at Kaze AEON Lake town was a success.

The micro excavator was the result of collaboration between two industry giants, Komatsu and Honda. The machine has been received well by the heavy machinery and excavator rental markets and has been proven to be very effective for the niche ‘home improvement and small projects’ niche. The machine is fully electric and some of the more admirable aspects of the machine include long lasting battery life, quick charge and battery replacement which has been made exceedingly easy by the manufacturer.

The machine could be easily and rapidly charged with household power points or 100 w power supply units. The engine is also exceedingly quiet given the power it delivers for such a small sized machine. The machine is capable of performing almost all tasks that its larger counterparts are able to perform but only on a much smaller scale.

Other features that have made this little giant a success includes the fact that the PC01E is easy to maintain and does not require excessive attention and refuelling unlike the fossil fuel powered excavator alternatives. The electric machine comes highly recommended by general contractors due to the practical advantages that the PC01E offers in urbanised environments where space is a big problem. The miniature excavators work performance has been given a full 5 star rating by those who attended the showcase and tried the machine on their own.


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