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If you are looking for a property investment opportunity, there are plenty of affordable and popular suburbs to choose from across Sydney. However, with flooding a major issue in some areas, investors need to be clever about where they buy. Whether you are new to property investment or not, the right opportunity must tick all the boxes and that includes potential environmental factors. 

Suburbs that carry low investment risk 

While there is danger in any type of investment, property investment carries a different set of risks. You can reduce yours by investing in a suburb that is classed as low risk for flooding and other environmental factors. 

  • Denistone

Located in the northwest of Sydney, Denistone is a landlocked suburb with no riverfront access. It is considered a working-class suburb with house prices ranging between 1.5 and 3.5 million dollars. It's also a popular spot for investors looking to expand their portfolio or those just starting out. You shouldn't need it often but know who to call for plumbing in Denistone

Suburbs at significant risk of flooding

Many investors will happily take the risk of flood damage if the suburb is in high demand. There are steps you can take to mitigate exposure to environmental damage, but it's ultimately down to how risk-averse you are as an investor. 

Purchasing in a flood zone also increases the cost of insurance premiums. So, those are two factors to consider as you look for an investment property. 

For careful investors, the suburbs below may present more of a risk than you’re comfortable taking. 

  • Drummoyne 

Drummoyne provides investors with a complicated decision because despite how heavily it is impacted by flooding, it remains a location in high demand. With three sides of the area surrounded by the Parramatta River, you’ll need to weigh up how much risk you are willing to take – especially at a price point of 2 to 4.5 million dollars. If you buy here, securing reliable plumbing in Drummoyne is a must.

  • Ermington

As far as riverfront suburbs go, this is the cheapest. With three-bedroom homes available between 1.3 and 2.5 million dollars, some investors may be keen to buy here. Located in the west, close to Parramatta, the suburb rests on the river. It tends to flood heavily in the south due to a large reserve prone to flooding. Reliable plumbing in Ermington should be on speed dial.

  • Hunters Hill

Homes in Hunters Hill range from 2.5 to 5 million dollars and with Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers surrounding it on two sides, it has seen major flooding. While the council has taken steps to repair the infrastructure issues, it is still located right in the heart of the flood country. If you purchase here, you’ll want access to expert plumbing in Hunters Hill.

  • Tennyson area

Home values in the Tennyson area vary wildly, from less than one million up to 4 million dollars. It is home to a lot of big rural blocks, rivers, and private dams. It is surrounded by the Hawkesbury River. The State Emergency Service was unable to access the area the last time the Hawkesbury flooded heavily and it left many residents cut off. If you invest, know where to find tried and true plumbing in the Tennyson area.

Going into the property investment process armed with knowledge is the best way to make a sound decision. By having information about flood zones and high-risk areas, you can ask your real estate agent to look for properties in certain suburbs and specific neighbourhoods to maximise your investment. 


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