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If you’re looking to invest and are new to property, or you’re looking to expand beyond your current portfolio, there are plenty of suburbs to consider across North Shore and North-West Sydney. 

Careful investors will want to do some research to ensure they select the right areas for their new investment. A few key areas run the risk of flooding. 

Living close to the water has plenty of benefits, but you must think about the potential for risk. If you purchase during El Niño, you need to consider how things change come time for La Niña.

Best Protection from Flooding 

Careful investment is a clever investment, and research is an important part of the process. In addition to determining rental yield and an area's potential, you should also consider the exposure to environmental risks. Many areas of Sydney run the risk of flooding, but there are a couple of suburbs that are low risk. 

  •   Epping

Epping is a landlocked suburb which makes it less vulnerable to flooding issues. The property price range in the area varies between $1.8 to $4m. It's worth lining up reliable plumbing in Epping to prepare you for the worst. 

  •   Chatswood

Chatswood homes average between two and four million dollars, and the landlocked suburb has reduced exposure to flooding risk. Historically, there has been infrastructure flooding, but the suburb is significantly less vulnerable to this risk than others. For peace of mind, add reliable plumbing in Chatswood to your contacts. 

The Worst Investment Areas 

The flood risk is higher for property near a major storm drain, body of water, or in low-lying areas. In the event of flooding, your property can suffer damage and it can cut off power and water to the property as well. It can also result in sewage and drainage issues. 

The areas below are a few of the worst investment areas in the North Shore and North-West Sydney suburbs. Savvy investors should proceed with caution.  

  •       Lane Cove

Lane Cove averages three million dollars for a three-bedroom home. With much of it being surrounded by water, the suburb has experienced a lot of flooding, especially in recent years. It's an old suburb, originally settled in 1794, which means much of the infrastructure has been patched together in an attempt to bring it up to date. If you buy here, make sure you have plumbing in Lane Cove on speed dial. 

  •       Ryde

Homes in Ryde average two million dollars and with part of the area sitting on the Parramatta River and plenty of local creeks, there is a tendency for heavy flooding. It has also undergone negative infrastructure changes which has only increased the need for emergency plumbing in Ryde.  

  •       Concord

Concord is a waterfront suburb, and the average home value is three million dollars. It is a popular and tightly held suburb. However, it is prone to heavy flooding and dependable plumbing in Concord is a must-have. 

  •       Parramatta

During severe storms across Sydney, Parramatta is often hit full force. That makes several areas across the suburb a major risk when it comes to flooding, as the river snakes right through the entire suburb. There are a lot of poorly maintained rentals in this area, and it is known to experience devastating floor damage. It is high on the disaster index. 

If you choose to purchase in this suburb, you’ll want to know who to contact for professional plumbing in Parramatta

Whatever suburb catches your eye in the Sydney area, be sure to conduct plenty of research before deciding where to buy. 


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